Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Many believe that orthodontics are only for kids and are only for aesthetic purposes. Both of those beliefs are myths; we are committed to helping mom and dad achieve their dream smiles as well, as well as improving our patients’ oral health through proper tooth alignment. Not only is proper tooth alignment aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps prevent gum disease, improves tooth function, and prevents tooth loss. Full orthodontic treatment involves wearing braces for 18-30 months, although some patients only require 6-12 months. In order to give your child the best possible orthodontic care, you should have him or her examined by age 7. This will help us intervene in and monitor certain serious conditions early on, and ensure that your child will be treated at the perfect time. However, adults have many options for orthodontic care themselves even if they missed that perfect time during childhood. Wearing metal braces can be understandably embarrassing as an adult, but we have many virtually undetectable solutions to help you achieve your dream smile without all the awkwardness.  

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